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We are starting to build a new dog kennel for our dogs, we will be building a 20 x 35 building with indoor kennels for each dog that will have automatic water bowls and a doggy door that leads to 20 foot runs. The kennel will be climate controlled for warmth in the winter and a cool summer. We will also have 2 out door large play yards for socialization and excersize. We will be building as we can afford to do it so it may take sometime. We thought our past puppy buyers as well as new puppy buyers would enjoy seeing pictures as thing progress.
this is where the kennel will be located, we are clearing the land and tress 10/15/2011
Cement poured today 10/17/2011
The building was put up today on 11/09/2011 it was only a 4 hour job but took 6 instead but that is how it always goes for me! this is the front and back view. We have the garage door as you can see it laying on the floor but will need to hire someone to put it up. We are really hoping that we will have everything done and the dogs moved into it in the spring so for now they will just have to make due with their old barn since I have more plans then I can afford right now LOL!!
This is a sign that my father in law had made for me last year, It sat in my garage as I had no place to put it. Now it has a place of honor above my kennel door. 
01/07/12 work has (slowly) been done doing the electrical, once all the lighting fixtures are up, to my understanding next will be the ceiling fans
02/24/2012 ceiling fans (3) are up, but we still need to run electricity and water to the building.This will help keep the barn cooler in the summers and not make their air conditioner work so hard.
02/26/2012 the new welded wire kennels are in and being mounted to the walls.
05/30/2012 well yesterday we had the ceiling and about 4 feet down on the walls sprayed with spray foam insulation. We are hoping this investment will be money well spent by keeping the barn cooler in the summer and warmer in the winters.
06/15/2012 the automatic waterer and doggy doors have started to be installed.
06/15/2012 This is Jenny and Cheyenne they are 2 of our oldest Labs. They have been retired from our breeding program long ago and are just enjoying their "golden years" They walk around the kennel as we work making sure we are doing things to their standards! they are standing in what will become a bed once every thing has been painted and the bedding put in will prvide a nice soft place to sleep.
06/25/2012 yeah! we finally have electricity
07/09/2012 All the walls and stalls are now painted and we also now have the plumbing done with running water.
07/16/2012 we put markers in the ground yesterday to show where the runs and gates will be. The Runs will be 20 feet long and 10 feet wide.
07/19/2012 last night we drilled the holes, then placed the poles inside the holes to get a idea how they will look. They are not cemented in yet.
08/01/2012 all poles are cemented in on both sides of the barn, we are working on finishing the top and bottom rails on this side. Then we will finish the fencing on this side and start the other sides fencing the runs are 20 feet long and 10 feet wide.
08/12/2012 well we have one side done and have been able to move over some of our ladies! As you can see they have nice long wide runs to exercise in, they have 3'x3' cement pavers at their doggy doors and they have cattle panels going around the botton in the dirt to prevent them from digging out, though with these luxury accommodations I am not sure why they would want to!
08/12/2012 Molly and Faith we have 2 dogs per kennel, Labs are social animals they love company 
08/12/2012 Ricki and Lexi, they have already splashed water all over the floor and have been watching the auto waterers fill back up
08/12/2012 Sophia and Buttons checking out their new kennel, we are keeping the doggy doors open for a few days until they get used to going in and out them.
09/01/2012 Modo and Atta in their new kennel they ran right in as if to say well its about time!
09/01/2012 you can't see keke very well but she is finally in the kennel, she is with Maggie. The kennel  is finally done where all the dogs have been moved into it, we still have some small things we need to do but for the most part it is finished!!!!
04/05/2014 Well our runs were sand which ended up making the kennel a constant muddy mess so we are in the process of placing cement pavers in the runs. It takes 190 pavers per run. Marks a Lot Dominique JH "Nique" is helping Michael to make sure he is doing it right!
March 2016 Michael got materials to build dog beds 
Michael and Eric assembling the beds
Cricket and Pepper trying out the beds
All the dogs now have a soft bed to lay on
July 2, 2016 Michael made misters for the kennel runs to keep the dogs cool in the hot Texas summers